Thursday, July 14, 2011

MOB . . .

. . . Mother of the Bride.

I'm not teeny-tiny but I'm not the biggest woman in the world either.  My proportions (and modesty) are such that there are parts of me that I'm not comfortable showing off to the world.  I'm the average age of a mother having a daughter more than old enough to be married.  I live in the midwest where October can be very cold and sometimes snowy.  I also live in a small town in the midwest where I have to travel a couple of hours to find almost everything!  I'm a major procrastinator and have a hard time believing that it takes 3-4 months to order anything from the main warehouse and get it to the local store.  Ever hear of UPS or FedX?  

Are there no dress designers that can create a dress for the real woman?  A special occasion dress that is practical, yet beautiful?  Something that is well-made and looks better on a person than just on the hanger?  A dress that doesn't cost more than the wedding itself?

I'm discouraged, disgusted and disappointed.

These are examples of what I encountered on my most recent MOB dress excursion  ~~  

Low-cut, taffeta, two-piece.  

Result if worn:  Things popping out that shouldn't pop out; after wearing all day for photos, a wrinkled mess before the actual wedding; every time an arm is raised a tummy is exposed.

Ruffed, bolero jacket, three-quarter length sleeves.  

Result if worn:  Yes, most of us want our stomachs and hips to be the focal point of a dress, don't we; where do those bolero jackets really end up each time you move?  Yup, stuck somewhere under your armpits; and the shorter sleeves - I just hate them.  Yuk, yuk, yuk!  But I guess they make room for a wrist corsage (which I am NOT wearing, thank you).

The one-shoulder, form fitting dress.  

For many reasons - no, no and no.

The strapless ball gown.  

My prom was many, many years ago and I don't wish to recreate it.  Unless I get to go with HIM again.   Hmmmm . . . visions of a first love (but a real loser).

The slit up the leg.  

Believe me, NO ONE wants to get a peek at the cellulite on my thighs!

The typical mother of the bride dress.  

All one piece with a long jacket.  Usually accompanied by a few rhinestones around the scoop neck and jacket edge.  It just screams 'it is not YOUR day, it is the bride's day so please blend into the walls'.

I would like to wear a long dress because once I left the business world, I swore I would never put on a pair of pantyhose again.  

But maybe I should go SHORT!  And tight!  And hoochy!  Really make a lasting impression on all of the inlaws!

*sigh*  Can't I just wear the same dress I wore for my son's wedding?

Now, your assignment for the week is to write letters to all of the dress designers and let them know what we woman want.  Beautiful, elegant, well-made, age and body appropriate attire!



Joanna said...

Ha ha ha! That made me laugh! Good luck with your search.............


Createology said...

Great honest sentiments. Clothes look so good until we put them on our bodies. Good luck finding just the right outfit that makes you feel perfect! Smiles...

Linda said...

It IS hard to find dresses- I did my looking online and then bought the dress off the rack at Nordstrom's. I was lucky and didn't need any tailoring, but they would have done it for me there, too. Check online at Bloomingdale's, Nordstroms, Von Maur, and Macy's- they'll have petites, too! Plus you don't have the long wait of bridal shops...Good luck, my friend!

Angela said...

All the dresses now seem to be so clingy. I try to cover bumps and bulges, not accentuate them!
You asked about the flowers in my last post...they are Mexican Petunias. They're perennials here in North Texas, hardy to 0 degrees, but they also reseed.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Oh Connie I can so relate to this post! I went through the very same thing when my son was married. I finally ended up with the prefect dress but it took many trips to a big City to get something I liked.
Wish writing letters would help you but I can pray you find something beautiful and if not sure wear the dress you wore to your sons if you loved it.
Been missing you so wanted to come by and catch up
Have a wonderful week and hope shopping goes better in the future

Trisha said...

You crack me up! Sometimes I think it is harder to find the MOB dress than it is to find the wedding dress. But I guess just like the wedding dress, you will know it when you see it! Good luck! I am having a giveaway I think you might be very interested in-stop by and check it out!


Lee said...

My mom wore a short dress to my wedding. It was a gorgeous floral print. Does it have to be long?

Lee said...

I love the first and third on this page!

Linda K said...

I LIKE the Mother of the Bride one! After all, that is what you are, right? Along those lines, I have recently decided that I am through coloring my hair and will just be who I am; it is a relief

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Thank you for another amusing post--even if it isn't for you! I certainly sympathize and agree that designers don't design for normal people!

BECKY said...

Ack!!! Bringing back some bad memories of when I shopped for a MOB dress is 2003!! I was just talking with Sam the other day about how I abhorred the dress I wore on her special day! Long sleeved, poly, two May in SUNNY, HOT, Florida, running around like a chicken with my head cut off being the wedding planner and trying to be the poised, put together MOB at the same fun!

Whew...I feel better! I will pray you find the perfect dress. Look in places you would least expect to find one, and you will!

Cindy Craine said...

You need to look for vintage girlfriend! Women in the 50s and 60s were tiny. Seriously, look on etsy, I wish I had m y Etsy store up and running because I know I would have something that would fit you. I have a whole storage shed (air conditioned) full of vintage clothing that I want to open a shop online. Problem is "just doing it" and this horrible heat! Good luck to you! xo-cindy

Anonymous said...

I'm sort of thinking you should go with the short, tight and hoochy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh you crack me up!!! I'm so with you on the clothing choices for us gals who still want style but don't care to leave nothing to the imagination! Any chance you can send the dress you wore to your son's wedding through a washer filled with Rit Dye? Here in Atlanta there are even stores {or so I've told} where you can rent a dress for a special occasion. That makes a lot of sense to me. Is there a Neiman's outlet store in the big city you drive to??? I know a couple of people who have found dresses that way for a whole lot less than what the bridal shops were charging for a comparable dress. Hope you find that special dress soon!

Miss Gracie's House said...

ugg...the dreaded MOB dress...that was the worst part...everything I had to pick from was ugly, matronly and expensive...I definitely feel your pain. Good Luck!

Paula ~ castleandcottagesigns said...

LOL..too funny Connie! After prom dressing with my daughter in many bridal shops I know what you are seeing/feeling!!...I thought, when I glanced over at the 'mother of the bride' room....are they kidding? It is time for mother's of the brides to unite!!
hugs and wishing you lot's of luck!

Lisa said...

You are going to get swamped with ideas and pictures!!!I know what you're going through, You want to look good, but comfortable! Refuse to settle for the drab, frumpy, and ugly for MOB!!!

Vicki said...

Oh, Connie this just cracked me up. I hate that you can't find something. I agree with Linda. Shop on line. Charge and ship. Most of these stores have easy return policies. You could always get something tailored if you needed too. Have you tried a consignment store? Buy the perfect MOB dress that someone already did all the searching for? You could then splurge on the accessories instead. I have to do galas with my husband quite often for work and I always find the best dress (that no one else has) at a consignment store.

Susanne said...

My sister had someone make her a dress for one of her kid's weddings. It wasn't as expensive as I'd have thought. Just a suggestion. Although I wouldn't suggest picking it up the day before w/o having had a fitting like she did. I was more nervous about that than she was, thankfully it fit very well.
Good luck!