Monday, July 11, 2011

Second sneak peek . . .

. . . boutineers.  Finished!  Unless you think they need something else.  All opinions appreciated!  

I find that I am constantly second guessing myself.  Who are we really putting this wedding on for anyway?  Us or the guests?  Will they even notice the details?  Is there a survey taken after the event and will it be rated and published?

The bride and I like what we like and there will be no apologies for this non-traditional wedding.

Can you tell that I am having a 'down' day of wedding preparations?  I just emailed a friend that I have so many ideas in my head but am having a hard time getting anything done.  If things aren't finished, does that mean that the wedding will be postponed?  No.  

I think it stems from the 'dress shopping for me' excursion yesterday.  Disappointment abounds!  Oh yeah, I'll simply have to put my feelings down in words about that!  

But the bright side is that I am thinking of a fantabulous idea right now and must go try it before it leaves my fuzzy and forgetful head!  I just hope I have more glue for my ever faithful, hardly gets a chance to cool off glue gun!  

Now, go work on those flabby arms!  Someday you will have to go sleeveless!  (or am I the only one who doesn't like to jiggle while they wave?)



Jill said...

They are awesome Connie! I hope you can just relax and enjoy this time...I'll say a prayer for dress shopping for you!

Angela said...

I just love what you're's so much better than the standard florist kind. I know it will all be fantastic!
As for the arms...I've been trying to hide mine for quite some time, but I'm tired of being hot. I've decided to let it all hang out and jiggle as well!!

BECKY said...

You are too funny! I am working on my jiggling did you know???

Your rosettes are perfect! Can't wait to see the pics of everything all together! It will be wonderful!

Come check my blog...there's a little surprise for you!


Lana said...

Connie ~ I love them just the way they are! I love the printed fabric used for the leaves. :)

Debra @ Common Ground said...

So adorable, don't forget to have fun and ENJOY it!! Do what you all love and don't worry about the rest. Looks like it will be amazing! Advice from a 2-time wedding momma!
xo Debra

Craftymoose Crafts said...

I love the boutineers! I also try not to jiggle because I really hate that about jello. All the wire work while beading flowers really helps, LOL!

Vicki said...

The rosettes are so pretty. I love them!

Suz said...

The boutonieerees (you get the point) are unbelievably cool! My best friends son just got married and Jud and I hosted a shower (which was really a cover for the wedding...long story). Anyway, middle-aged Mary and I have one store that we go to that makes things for middle-aged women with floppy arms and tummies like me. I paid more that I ever paid but got an unstructured flowered silk jacket, a mid-calf skirt and a sleeveless top (I will never take the jacket off!!!) that went over the waste. I was comfortable and felt like myself. Mary got a shift (midcalf, sort of unstructured) and an unstructured silk jacket. The traditional stuff looks like doo-doo on both of us.
Just some wild thoughts!!!

Karen said...

Connie--I have a rule about not wearing anything sleeveless because of my jiggly arms, but it's hard to find great choices sometimes. I end up wearing sleeveless with a little sweater or shrug, and sometimes it's just hot! So I know what you're going through. I know shopping in NE can be frustrating and time-consuming. I hope you find something you like. But remember, this is really about your daughter and future son-in-law. No one is really going to care what you wear, except for you. Make a list, prioritize, get the essentials done, then if you have extra time, you can do more creative things. If your daughter is happy with what you are making, then who cares what other guests think! (Personally, I think it's looking gorgeous!) Just have some FUN and it will all work out in the end. Remember, it's really about the marriage, more than the wedding... karen fr/ NE

JoAnne said...

They're perfect! Congrats to you on the Lily's Lace win too. Couldn't have happened to two nicer people-lol.