Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas at Grandma's house . . .

. . . is a tradition for many.

My family is no exception.

Except now, I'm the Grandma whose house is where everyone gathers for holidays.

And you know what?  Even though I may grumble to myself about all of the work from time to time (shame on me!), I truly enjoy it!  It just won't be the same when my children have homes large enough to fit us all and we start taking turns.  That IS the plan for the future, right kids?

The years take their toll on those we hold dear.  Absent loved ones are especially missed during the holidays.

We hold our old, sepia-colored memories close to our hearts.

And cherish the new memories we make each year.

Where do you hold your Christmas gatherings?

  Are you heading 'over the meadow and through the woods, to Grandmother's house you go'?


ceevee said...

I coincidently posted a similar little tree picture today on KK's Twelve Days.... But I LOVE your rendition much better than mine!
Love your work.

Rhonda said...

Since relocating to Phoenix, my Christmas is spent right here at home. No flying back to the Midwest for bad weather, just can't do it.

Family is all invited here for warmer weather - it just makes more sense.

I remember as a child driving to our grandparent's home for Christmas and what a nightmare of blizzards we endured each time.

But waking up to a fireplace and huge tree and all that love, made it all worth it.

Merry Christmas Connie!

Linda Trine said...

These pictures are so lovely...and yes, we are heading to grandmas for Christmas :). Have a wonderful time with your family

Kia said...

Your photos are lovely! :)
Merry Christmas, and enjoy your family!

Dorthe said...

Dear Connie,-well I`m the grandma-and just like you-this is the place where christmas is hold this year- which is wonderful.
Every second year we are changing to hold the feast, with our daughter and her little family, and this year it is here on the island-next year in Copenhagen.
Thankyou dear Connie, for your so sweet visit.
HUGS, Dorthe

Tina @ TinyBear Studio said...

Wonderful decoration Connie.
The kids and family is coming here this year, so lots to prepare (I do grumble too)but we´ll make it :o)

Blessed Serendipity said...

Hi Connie,
We used to go to Grandma's house when I was a little girl. Now the family (and Grandma too) gather at my house for family gatherings. Hope you enjoy Christmas and your loved ones and all that Christmas brings to your heart.


Craftymoose Crafts said...

Christmas Eve is at my house with my Dad joining us for Church & dinner. He spends Christmas Day with my sister & her family.

Christmas Day is also at my house spent with good friends, their children, and now...their children's children.

Linda said...

The kids and grandkids gather here, but it is harder and harder with all the places the kids have to go to...we just try to find a time everyone can gather! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!