Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas MUST go on . . .

. . . just like the postman, through snow, sleet or rain of night ~~ or the blah feeling of a cold.

Christmas preparations MUST go on!

This super woman got up, got going, finished wrapping the last gifts, fluffed the decorations just a bit and (I must of been delirious from a fever) even baked!

I've been wanting to try these bite size cupcakes for awhile.  

And I thought it is 'feed a cold' right?

I fed a couple (okay, I admit it, it was many) of these yummy, coconut filled, chocolate mini-bites to my cold. 

I should be back to healthy very, very soon!

ps ~~ if you want the recipe, go here.  but if you want the 411 on the necessary tweaking, email me.


Kathy said...

Can your "get up and go" make the trek to MY house to wrap my presents???? :) Glad you are feeling better, and those cupcakes look delish!


JoAnne said...

Feel better Connie! Love that snowman behind the cupcakes. And yes, there's nothing better for a cold than chocolate, in any form.
Merry Christmas!

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

Glad you're back in charge! Now, don;t do too much or you'll end up back in bed!!

Teresa O said...

Oh yummmm...the cupcakes look like little bites my mom called black bottoms. Glad to hear your feeling a tad better. Take care!