Friday, March 30, 2012

A little boy, in a field, running in flip flops, with his . . .

. . . KITE!


How you would run and run and run and just couldn't get the slight breeze to catch that kite enough to make it soar into the sky?

And then finally . . . success!

Remember the exhilaration you felt when it finally shot into the air and you ran some more to watch it twirl and swirl, with the tail making those flapping noises?

Then the disappointment when the kite suddenly crashed to the ground?  Breaking those flimsy balsam wood sticks.  Bringing the kite flying to an abrupt end.

Oh, but what could be a better way to spend a glorious day than with a tenacious little boy, in a field, running in flip flops and coaxing a kite to fly! 

And succeeding . . . if only for a little while.


Kathy said...

Wow, the sense of perspective in your photos is fantastic!

Lee said...

Some of my favorite photos of my oldest is of him flying a kite in our back yard. There is something about it- a rite of passage I guess.

Donna said...

And THAT is how memories are made!

Joanna said...

Great photos. You brought back some very happy memories for me, both as a child with a kite and as a mother of a child with a kite :o)


Jackie said...

I remember flying kites with my kids-we got one kite out 500 feet! I thought my tiny daughter was going to fly away. Thanks for wishing I will find my bird planter in France, wouldn't it be amazing if it was still there?
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Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

What lovely photos, Connie! And yes, I do remember those days!